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My Philosophy



My focus has always been my clients and the results that I can provide to them by continually educating myself in the world of beauty and skin care.  My approach is the use of organic, natural, and safe cosmetic products that are never tested on animals.  I believe what you put on your skin also affects your health so I use only the best products when it comes to cosmetics.  I think clients need to know all the great choices they have available when selecting products for their skin, as well as the benefits of a healthy beauty routine. 

I have always worked in high-end spas and  I am very thankful for the experience that I have gained over the last 12 years.  With being a very passionate person and love making a difference in people's lives.  I decided to take a leap and put it all on the table; and open my own business.  My family and friends have been some of my biggest supporters and encouraged me to believe in myself.  So now I am here to provide my clients with the best services  possible!

My love for skin and products has also lead me to the path of branding my own line of body products such as organic body scrubs, whipped body butter, and lip balms that are all made with organic virgin coconut oil and goat milk soaps.  I addition to those products, I also hand pour a variety of soy candles, which all those products can be purchased in my online stores.

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