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$100 (Valid until June 19th.)



BEST ENJOYED: When you're feeling dull

THE MOOD: Radiating inside and out!

EXPERIENCE:   Let it glow, like woah! A creamy Green Tea extract not only cleanse but calms complexion before an application of an illuminating alcohol-free tonic. Reveal and renew with a fruit acid mask- a little rosy after is a good thing and will subside! We now calm with avocado extract, oil and butter, mask. Next, illuminate dark spots with a vitamin- enhanced serum called Eternal Light! We seal all this in with an advanced peptide+ Retinol- rich facial hydrator- so whipped you'll be obsessed. End with an eye- perfecting serum to keep the look of crow's feet away.

$95.00 (Valid for the month of June Only!)




BEST ENJOYED: Kickin' it
THE MOOD: Everybody to the beach!

EXPERIENCE:  To the islands we go! Sore back muscles and shoulders are nestled into a steaming compress, infused in a vitamin E and clementine oil duo that loves to soothe and soften. Rough dead skin is exfoliated with a citrus grass salt scrub, fruity mango. Your now- radiant skin willl drink up a vitamin E rich, fruity mango- melon shea butter cream Here comes the sun!

$45.00 (Valid for the month of June Only! No extractions included.


Lash Lift -Or- Brow Lamination Special


BEST ENJOYED: Looking some sunshine (and vitamin C)

THE MOOD: Very vibrant skin- oh my!

EXPERIENCE:  A pillow- soft cleanser rinses pore-clogging oils away for a brightening tonic, chockful of vitamin C and 11 superfruit extracts! Thousands of tiny plant-based fiber particles then wisk away dry, tired skin- revealing your softest skin yet. A brightening mask infused with chamomile extract then brightens and tighten! We begin to unwind with a skin-transforming serum created to wrinkle-out the appearance of pesky fine lines. A whipped face balm- infused with plant-based bakuchiol- is then applied for extra ageless oomph! The grand finale is a vitamin C rich eye cream created to boost skin's vibrance while also diminishing the appearance of fine lines!
*** Includes Lash Lift and Tint ***
2 Hours  $185.00

Book for the month of June any Brow Lamination service or Lash Lift and receive a discount rate listed below: 

~ Brow Lamination $65.00
~ Brow Lamination/ wax & tint $95.00
~ Lash Lift $70.00
~ Lash Lift & Tint $80.00

No coupon or special booking code needed to book, discount will be applied day of appointment. Valid for the month of June Only! 


Lash Lift & Tint Membership

Perfect for those who want regular maintance on their lashes. Make 1 monthy payment for 4 months and use it for the whole year. Lash lifts are recommended every 6-8 weeks.

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